General Donation

General Donations can be made to the Foundation at any time for any reason. Birthdays, Anniversary, any special occasion, or no occasion at all. Special Christmas cards are sent during the holiday season for special Christmas Gifts. Acknowledgement can be made if requested. Please follow this link and read the instructions on our form

Memorial Gifts

A contribution to the Richard Murphy Foundation is a thoughtful living tribute or memorial to a loved one that will help others. Each contribution is acknowledged by an appropriate card to the designated person or family, naming the donor but not specifying the amount of the gift. Please follow this link and read the instructions on our form
Corporate Giving
Company Matching Gifts
Comfort Bags
Family Cheer Cart

Corporations or businesses often establish a donated amount in the annual budget. This is a planned giving program, and is very beneficial to the foundation in that this money can be budgeted. Some corporations require that an annual application or letter of request be made. Others send the annual check, and acknowledgement is made by the foundation. For more information on corporate giving, contact the Richard Murphy Hospice Foundation, 16013 Halbert Road , Hammond, LA 70403 or call the office at 985-386-0400. Information can be received by requesting e-mail to

Individuals who work for companies should always inquire whether the company will match personal donations. Recently, we have seen more companies willing to match personal donations as an incentive for the employees to give. Documentation required by companies is available upon request. This information can be received by writing the Richard Murphy Hospice Foundation, 16013 Halbert Road, Hammond, LA 70403, calling the office at 985-386-0400, faxing request to 985-386-0402, or e-mailing to

When a resident is admitted to the Hospice House, a comfort bag is given to them with items that will help enhance their stay with us. We provide all our services free of charge and donations are greatly appreciated:

Small body wash
Small shampoo
Tooth brushes and tooth paste
Lip balm
Facial cream
Brushes/ combs
Razors and shaving cream
Candy, mints, gum, small packages of cookies, crackers, chips, and other small snack foods
Bottle water
Crossword puzzle/ Word search
Pens/ pencils
Small note pads for journaling

In addition to the comfort Bags, we distribute items from the Family Cheer Cart for the families to use during their stay with us. These items include: playing cards, cookies, candy, soda, small giveaways for the children, DVDs, CDs, hand-held games, other various items used for entertainment and just to put a smile on someone’s face. Simply bring your new donations to the Hospice House, and let the staff know your items are for the Family Cheer Cart.